Avakin life is free to play 3D mobile app with a huge online virtual community where you can customise your avatar with the hottest fashion trends and hairstyles, make friends, chat, customise your own apartments, visit amazing social spots, listen to your favourite music and own the dance floor with hundreds of dances and poses right at your fingertips!

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Always in your Pocket

Avakin Life is available on Android, iOS and Amazon Devices meaning you can take it wherever you go. Chat to friends from around the world and enjoy the world of Avakin Life any time!

Customise Your Look

With a variety of unique brands delivering solid collections every week, you can always keep up to date with latest fashion trends and styles. Style yourself with the latest street style fashion from Brands like Drop Science and Front Row, dress to impress with gorgeous eveningwear from LKWD Couture or mix up your look with alternative trends from Delirious Squid and Foal as well as many more. With so much choice in fashion, you can ensure your look is always unique.

Express yourself

Choose your own dance style from a huge variety of dance animations, host a photo shoot with tons of poses and actions and choose from a seven different Facial Expressions to show your friends how you are feeling. There are so many ways to assert your individual style!

Explore a Virtual World

Hang out with friends or meet new ones in trendy bars, sunny beaches and romantic restaurants or decorate your own bar or apartment for your friends to visit. Freely roam around every area, sit in chairs and dive from diving boards! Customise your apartments with customisable wallpapers and floors and discover a huge range of furniture and home decor to create the perfect home or the ultimate club.

Get the Party Started

Stream your own choice of music in your apartments with Streaming Music Stereos. Thousands of radio stations are available streaming every imaginable musical genre, so whether you enjoy pop music, metal, dubstep or even Easy Listening there is a radio station for everyone.

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