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    LKWD Adam
    LKWD Adam

    We hope you’ll have an excellent time in Avakin and here in the Avakin Community Forums. To make sure our community channels are fun and safe places to be, we’ve put together these rules to outline what is and is not acceptable behaviour in this group:

    Avakin official forum rules.

    No racism, homophobia, sexism, hate speech.
    No calling out/ naming and shaming users. This includes posting inbox screenshots.
    No stirring up trouble in replies/ comments.
    No playing devil’s advocate just to start flame wars.
    No sharing download links, such as .exe files
    No sexual activity screenshots.
    No asking for login details of other users accounts.
    17+ users only.
    No public discussion of hacking. Please report any potential hacking activity to an Admin.
    No lobbying of LKWD employees for personal favours/ discounts/ freebies/ special treatment of any kind.
    No impersonating of LKWD employees/saying you work for Lockwood when you don’t. You may not use ‘LKWD’, ‘LOCKWOOD’ or ‘ADMIN’ in your display name, but you are free to use our logo in your profile picture!

    If we feel you are doing something wrong. Admins have the right to ban your forum account and have the final say.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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