Community Guidelines

Hello, and welcome to the Avakin Community!


We hope you’ll have an excellent time in Avakin and here in the Avakin community group. To make sure our community channels are fun and safe places to be, we’ve put together this code of conduct to outline what is and is not acceptable behaviour on this site and in game.


1. Respect your fellow community members. Never do anything that infringes the rights of another person on this site or in our games. Any behaviour designed to intimidate, bully, insult, harass, troll, flame, cause upset or shock to another person is prohibited. This also includes “Naming and Shaming” or starting campaigns to get other users punished. If you feel that a discussion is getting heated, go away from your computer and relax for 30 minutes before responding – it’ll help you clear your head!


2. Do not reveal personal information. Whether it belongs to you or another person, revealing personal information online can have nasty consequences. We are aware that here on Facebook you may want to use your real name on your profile, however we urge you to be careful when taking conversations outside of the group, and encourage you to keep all communication inside the group if possible. Details such as your full name, age, date of birth, address, phone number and email address should be kept private. Note that no member of Lockwood staff will ever ask you for your password!


3. Don’t SPAM! Stupid, Pointless or Annoying Messages (SPAM) can upset the community experience for other users and displeases moderators. Use your common sense here; SPAM includes post flooding, hijacking, chain letters, pyramid schemes, advertisements, double-posting and creating duplicate messages. If you accidentally SPAM, check out the Avakin Forum Guide for details on how to correct your error.


4. Do not post, create or engage in sexual discussions. Our channels are social environments and we understand that relationships can develop quickly. However, we have a responsibility to ensure that all our community members are comfortable using our channels and so we ask that you never engage in any sort of sexual conversation, or create any content of a sexual nature. Breaches of this rule will be dealt with very seriously, keep it clean!


5. Don’t do anything illegal. The laws of your country always apply to your behaviour on the internet, and our community channels are no exception. Don’t do anything that condones, supports, depicts or recommends illegal activities.


6. Help us keep our community fun and safe! If you spot anything that breaks this Code of Conduct, or anything that upsets or offends you, let us know and we’ll address the issue. You can use the report functionality to do so or, if grief reporting is unavailable, you can contact us privately on Do not submit grief reports about other community members publically, they will be deleted!


7. Do not block any admins! We may need to contact you via a private message.


8. No age play. If you are caught pretending to be younger than you actually are you may be banned.



A side note on Usernames:

If you haven’t played Avakin Life for 365 days and have made no in app purchases, your username will automatically be set to “AbandonedUserXXX”. If you sign into your account again after the 365 days you will have one free name change, however your original username may already be taken by another user and you will not be able to get it back.


If you break the rules of conduct, either intentionally or by accident, we will first remove or edit any content associated with the breach and let you know why your behaviour broke our rules. For very severe breaches (sexual / illegal / bullying) or for repeat offences, we reserve the right to remove your access to our community channels and/or services temporarily or permanently. Because these rules can’t cover everything, we reserve the right to remove any content or suspend your account without prior notice and at our discretion for any behaviour which damages the health of the community.


Finally, for more information on how to stay safe online, you can check out these excellent resources:



Thanks for reading!